Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation Transfers: Please read carefully**

This item is a sublimation transfer printed on specific sublimation paper using sublimation ink.

The sublimation transfers ONLY work on a 50% or more POLYESTER garment. The higher the Polyester count the bright the image will appear. The shirt may be a blend containing cotton but again please note the Polyester must be 50% or higher.

The transfer must be used on a light-colored fabric such as white/ light gray; pastel colors will work as well. Keep in mind that these transfers WILL NOT print white, therefore whatever color your shirt is will show up as the white areas on the transfer. No white ink is printed onto the transfer. Black fabric will NOT work, LIGHT COLORED FABRICS ONLY.

The color of the transfer you receive may appear slightly duller. Once the print is pressed on the shirt, the colors of the print will look more similar to the posted image you purchased from.

You will need a heat press to use this transfer.

- Preheat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius).
- Use a lint roller to get loose fibers off the garment. (VERY IMPORTANT, this prevents the fibers from burning on the shirt and causing stains, etc.)
-Place a piece of butcher paper inside of the shirt.
- Press garment for 3-5 seconds to release moisture and remove wrinkles.
- Place your sublimation transfer face down on your garment. (I like to use a ruler to measure side to side for center placement. Personally, when printing shirts, I place print 3-5 inches down from the collar from customer preference).
- You can use heat resistant tape to hold the print in place
- Place a piece of butcher paper on top of the design (Teflon sheets are not recommended)
-Press for 60 seconds at medium to firm pressure.
***Please remember that all heat presses are different and may require a time/temperature adjustment.
- Peel hot

DO NOT use the same print more than once.
PLEASE NOTE** If you have purchased a ready to press sublimation transfer from my shop, I am willing to send you a free mockup with the print purchased. However, you MUST place a watermark on the shirt prior to listing. If you do not abide by this rule you may be held liable.

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